Cedar Hills Mudslide

08/27/05 11:16 AM


A break in the weather

Days and inches of rain over 5-10 to 5-12 caused considerable damage, but a couple days of sunshine made the slide stop again. The three pictures above show progress of the slide over a two week period since the initial slide occurred.

Check out the status and photo pages for more info.

Slide Movement

The county surveyors are monitoring the slide movement.

The graph below shows the slight movement of a few of the stakes in the slide area. As you can see, the movement is slight, but does indicate instability. You can click on the image to view a larger one.

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The weather seems to finally be on our side.

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Stake movement graphs below chart the movement of the stakes since the initial slide. You can see that the movement from May 12 basically dwarfs all previous movement, which appears as a jumble of points and dates almost on top of each other. Movement since has been almost nothing. Click on any graph to see a full-size version.


The seemingly random movement in all directions on a couple of these reflects very slight movements or changes in readings. The movement distances are extremely small on those charts, which you can see by comparing the scale with the other charts.



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